Company Background

Mr. M. Krishnan (who is the instrumental in establishing this organization) has good experience in the recycling & scrap metal collection – and trading services as

In his capacity, he has been servicing local companies such as Joon Hee Micron and Daijin Tech for more than 10 years.

His in-depth knowledge and strong experience persuaded him to establish NK Metal on 27th October, 2009.

The company is currently located in the premises of 2 blocks of factory lots, which enables the company to carry out the recycling, scrap metal collection, as well as
trading services.

We will continue to operate our business activities to provide high level of recycling, to help maintain our eco system, in balance under the following principles;

  • To comply with every requirements of the Malaysian Environment Regulations.
  • To provide our business partners excellent services in cleaning and recycling scrap metals & waste materials.
  • To raise awareness among our business partners of the importance of recycling to help maintain the balance of our eco system.

We shall continue to work with our business partners to enhance long-term growth and continuous improvements.

Our objective is to enhance the mutual existence of our business partners and NK Metal in harmony and excellent environment.